Refreshingly easy remodels.

We've applied technology and modern process management to make home and commercial remodels higher-quality, lower-cost, and more pleasant for customers and service providers alike.

Join us on our mission to help customers fall in love with their homes again.

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Refresh Cofounders

A silver lining

Refresh was founded in 2019 by two MIT alumni after a home remodeling project went awry. They vowed to build a scalable remodeling business that both customers and service providers could trust.

Based in Austin, Texas, we pride ourselves on operating at the intersection of excellent customer service, a healthy dose of pragmatic technology and innovation, and an excess of delicious BBQ and tacos. We're technology-forward, customer-centric, and mission-driven.

Join us on our journey to renovate the renovation industry.

Remodeling reinvented

The remodeling industry is broken and we're here to fix it. Through automation, cross-training, and specialization we're able to control quality, improve utilization, and make tradespeople more efficient.

This leads to higher-quality, lower-cost rennovations delivered at scale.

Generate and qualify leads

Schedule visits and close deals

Produce project specifications

Installation and finish materials

Screen and train tradespeople

Deliver high-quality remodels

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